About us

Obstacle Industries

After years of dabbling in the mud on various landscaping and civil activities, in 2015 our interest was piqued by the phenomenon obstacle run. A spectacle that has proven its place and can’t be ignored . Time and time again pushing yourself to your limits both mentally and physically turned out to be an outlet like no other.

As it started with a pair of hay bales and a wall, but the sport continued to develop at a rapid pace. After participating in several domestic and foreign runs, a competition element was added. The European Championships and World Cup matches should not be missed either. All this requires a lot of training, dedication and time.

Time and good equipment to train are becoming increasingly limited, making and creating obstacles and training equipment became a new challenge.

In 2019 Obstacle Industries was started. We think everybody has its obstacle perhaps is its own obstacle. How can you get stronger in an increasingly busy time and find a work-life balance. This is why the first product was created. The GOSCraw, a modular assembly pergola for training. The missing link between a solid workout and relaxation.

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